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Frolicking Frogs Hanging Decor

A giggling trio of amphibious acrobats enjoys a merry moment of mirth, playfully tumbling down the length of a free-swinging rope. An utterly irresistible hanging sculpture that brings loads of love and laughter to your garden!

Retail:   $16.95

Our Price: $12.27
(27.6% Off)
Item:  38813
Out of Stock

Glass Art Flamingo Statues

Glam it up with this pair of fabulous flamingos! Modern Miami styling comes to lustrous life in this duo of glowing glass and metal sculpture statues that are guaranteed to impress. Weight 4 lbs. UPC# 817216010446. 13 3/4" x 10 x 41 1/4" high; 13 3/4" x 10 x 30 1/4" high. Wrought iron and glass beads. Pair Some Assembly Required

Retail:   $99.95

Our Price: $62.93
(37% Off)
Item:  D1092
Out of Stock

Large Hexagon Black Lantern

This dramatic domed candle lantern will showcase your great taste and the shimmering glow of your favorite candle. Six clear glass panels are set in a black iron framework thats topped with an oversized silver handle. 

Retail:   $39.95

Our Price: $27.93
(30.1% Off)
Item:  10017120
In Stock

Large Morocco Tower Lantern

Dramatic shadows and glorious glow will fill your room when you light a candle inside this large lantern. The black iron framework features an intricate cutout pattern, and the lantern can be hung from the top loop or simply set on your table. 

Retail:   $59.95

Our Price: $39.13
(34.7% Off)
Item:  10017118
In Stock

Large Wooden Lantern With Drawer

Rustic yet refined, this tall lantern stands out as a beacon of style. The unique wooden framework holds four clear glass panels and is topped with a metal roof, but the real charmer is the neat pullout drawer in the base. 

Retail:   $59.95

Our Price: $44.03
(26.6% Off)
Item:  10017173
In Stock

Medium Morocco Tower Lantern

Simply stunning! This marvelous black iron lantern features an intricate cutout pattern that will turn the glow from your favorite candle into breathtaking ambiance. Hang it from the top loop or set it on your tabletop. 

Retail:   $39.95

Our Price: $27.93
(30.1% Off)
Item:  10017117
In Stock

Mother And Baby Giraffe Statue

Mama giraffe gently nuzzles her calf in a tender moment captured perfectly in this beautiful statue. The polyresin giraffe figures are finished in brown strokes while the base is jet black. 

Retail:   $49.95

Our Price: $39.13
(21.7% Off)
Item:  10017185
In Stock

Small Hexagon Black Lantern

This charming little black iron lantern sparkles and shines when you place your favorite candle inside. The domed roof features an oversized handle, and the six glass panels below let the candlelight glow across your living space. 

Retail:   $24.95

Our Price: $18.13
(27.3% Off)
Item:  10017119
In Stock

Small Morocco Tower Lantern

This marvelous lantern features a beautiful openwork pattern of cutouts that create intricate shadows and glamorous glow with the light of your favorite candle. Made from black iron, you can set it on your table or hang it from the top loop. 

Retail:   $29.95

Our Price: $21.98
(26.6% Off)
Item:  10017116
In Stock